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Great Workforce

Great Workforce

Grand Island is the regional hub for medical services, retail, employment, and entertainment. According to the 2006-2010 American Community Survey, there are 30,211 workers in the City of Grand Island. Of this number, 24,171 workers live within the community, thus, an additional 6,040 people commute to Grand Island for employment. This increases the city's daytime population by a sizable 13%, a substantial increase.

The 2006-2010 American Survey found that within the Grand Island Metropolitan Statistical Area, 40% of the workforce in Howard County (1,263 people), 31% in Merrick County (1,203 people) and 27% of Hamilton County's workforce (1,263 people) commute to Hall County for employment. Additionally, 8.7% of Adams County and 3.2% of Buffalo County workforce commute to Hall County. By contrast, only 4.3% of Hall County's workforce commute to other communities.

The graph below outlines commuter distances and regions from which Grand Island businesses pull its labor force from.

Grand Island has experienced a consistent 3% population growth every year. The emerging workforce (under age 18), in addition to the young professional (age 18-44) population, provide a solid workforce for Grand Island businesses.

Young Professionals Group

Grand Island has long recognized the importance of young professionals (ages 20-40) in the community. As baby boomers retire, the number of young professionals joining the workforce continues to stabilize and promote the economic health of Grand Island's growing business community. The Grand Island Area Chamber of Commerce established the community's Young Professionals Group in 2007. The group has continued to grow, diversify, and positively impact the community through civic and professional leadership roles, volunteer activities, and outside-the-box business tactics.

Top 35 Under 35

In addition to the Chamber's Young Professionals Group, a select group of young professionals are recognized for their outstanding community involvement and progressive professional career path. The Chamber's Top 35 Under 35 program highlights Grand Island's best and brightest in the workforce. Staying true to the recognition's name, all recipients are under the age of 35. Nominations and selections for the recognition program are collected biennially.

“Grand Island provided us the ability to build and maintain professional careers, while still being present in our children's lives. That's the 'better opportunity' we found here.”
Lynda ConnerGrand Island Business Owner
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