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Born to Build book and talent cards

4 Main Components

BP 10 Assessment

Over a thousand area students will learn about their propensity for innovation and entrepreneurship by taking the Gallup Builder Profile 10 assessment - this will be administered to area high school students which will include freshmen or sophomores from Grand Island area high schools including:  Grand Island Public Schools, Heartland Lutheran, Grand Island Central Catholic,  Wood River Rural High School, St. Paul High School, and Aurora High School.

The BP 10 assessment identifies a person's dominant builder talents, the role that fits them best, and gives action items for applying these talents.  According to Todd Johnson, Global Channel Leader, Entrepreneurship and Job Creation at Gallup, "Each of us is born to build, and we each have a unique set of talents." Builder talents include:  Confidence, Delegator, Determination, Disruptor, Independence, Knowledge, Profitability, Relationship, Risk, and Selling.  Builder roles include:  Rainmaker, Conductor, and Expert.

Understanding their builder talents and roles opens students to the endless possibilities opens students to the endless possibilities of their skill sets and provides opportunities for them to collaborate with other like-minded students, successful professionals, and educators.  "For years we have invested time, resources and coaching to help identify who are the best athletes, scholars and performing artists." Said Rich Claussen, Ambassador for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Prosper Lincoln.  "Conversely, we have done very little to do the same to identify and grow the talents of those who will be builders.  Builders of ideas, businesses, and communities.  This Future Builders initiative is a great first step."

Inspiration Rally

Over 1,000 students who show extreme builder talents will be invited to an Inspiration Rally at Grand Island's College Park campus to hear from community leaders how others took their strengths to change their communities and build businesses.  The parents of these students will also be invited to the Inspiration Rally.

Boot Camp

The students who are identifies to have extreme builder talents will participate in the boot camp portion of the Future Builders Challenge.  The boot camp will cover the basics on building new ventures, digging deeper into the 10 talents and what those mean for the students, exploring the three builder roles, and building their them using their roles.  The final piece of the boot camp is identifying initiatives/gaps in local economy/community and create an outline of a proposed idea/solution to a chosen problem/opportunity. 

Pitch Challenge

The student teams will receive mentoring from local business leaders to develop a business pitch to address a community need.  The students will participate in a pitch competition where cash prizes will be awarded to the top three winning pitches.

“Grand Island provided us the ability to build and maintain professional careers, while still being present in our children's lives. That's the 'better opportunity' we found here.”
Lynda ConnerGrand Island Business Owner
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