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Key Industries

Key Industries

Grand Island has identified six strategic economic development targets - four competitive sectors and two developmental sectors - that merit strategic targeting for economic, community, workforce, and business development resources in Grand Island. 

"Competitive sectors" represent those sectors that are currently concentrated to some degree in Grand Island and the surrounding region, exhibit strong near-term growth potential in the next five years, and currently benefit from some existing asset base from which existing and prospective companies derive some competitive advantage(s).

"Developmental sectors" represent those sectors for which the community is not currently competitive but may have long-term development potential with adequate investment in the community's asset base. Although these sectors may not drive significant job creation in the near-term, they align with other desired attributes of the community and its residents as identified through public input. Such desired attributes include greater economic diversification, more plentiful "white collar" jobs, and the development of an economic identity outside of manufacturing and agriculture.

Grand Island is an ideal location for these industries:

  • Transload and Logistics

    Transload & Logistics

    A central location and multiple access points to major transportation make us a prime location for transload and shipping centers.

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  • Distribution and Warehouse

    Distribution & Warehouse

    Quickly deliver to anywhere in the continental U.S. from our centrally-located city, an ideal spot for warehouse and distribution centers.

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  • Manufacturing and Industry

    Manufacturing & Industry

    Grand Island's strength in manufacturing is well-known, with much of its existing manufacturing base being tied to agricultural roots.

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  • Agriculture and Agribusiness

    Agriculture & Agribusiness

    From corn and soybean farmers to ranch and cattle operations, Grand Island is Nebraska's hub for agriculture and ag-related business.

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  • Alternative Energy

    Alternative Energy

    Grand Island is a prime spot for alternative energy expansion, with access to wind farms and crops and facilities for producing biofuels.

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  • Data & Call Centers

    Data & Call Centers

    A low cost of living, talented workforce and a variety of available properties, Grand Island is ready for your business support operation.

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“Grand Island provided us the ability to build and maintain professional careers, while still being present in our children's lives. That's the 'better opportunity' we found here.”
Lynda ConnerGrand Island Business Owner
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