Top Employers

Grand Island is the home to large corporate businesses, as well as small entrepreneurial entities. CNH Industrial, JBS, Chief Industries, and CHI Health St. Francis are considered big businesses in Grand Island. Alternatively, Beavercreek Marketing, the Chocolate Bar, and GIX Logistics are small, entrepreneurial businesses that add uniqueness and cultural diversity to the community. Each plays a significant role to the high quality of life and low cost of living in Grand Island.

Company Employees
JBS 3,400
Grand Island Public Schools  1,500
CHI Health St. Francis  1,300
Hornady Manufacturing 751
CNH Industrial America (GI location) 687
Walmart (GI locations)  662
Chief Industries (GI locations) 650
McCain Foods (GI location)  550
City of Grand Island  535
Principal (GI location)  471