Future Builders Challenge

2020 FBC

January 2020

Students at participating high schools will take the Builder Profile 10 assessment.  Surveys are then analyzed for those who show extreme Builder talents and those students are invited to the Inspiration Rally and Future Builders Challenge.

February 2020

Approximately 150 students who show extreme builder talents will be invited to an Inspiration Rally at College Park in Grand Island to hear from community leaders how others took their strengths to change their communities and build business.  The parents of these students will also be invited to the Inspiration Rally.

March 2020

Qualifying students will participate in the boot camp portion of the Future Builders Challenge.  The boot camp will be followed by a coaching session and pitch competition.  At these events, students will learn more about their strengths from Gallup trained coaches, and how to build on those strengths as they work with community mentors on pitch competition ideas centered on solving challenges for the community.  Cash prizes will be offered for the top three winning ideas presented at the competition.