Murray Custom Homes

Murray Custom Homes

Grand Island, NE 68801 · Categories:Renovation

Project Overview

Murray Custom Homes, with Matt Murray leading the charge, has a strong reputation in Lincoln, NE.

When one of Matt’s valued crew members expressed interest in leaving the company to return to his hometown in Central Nebraska, Matt sprung into employee retention and company expansion mode. Grand Island was able to leverage Rural Workforce Housing Funds for not only new housing units, but to bring back a hometown kid and his young family.

Murray Custom Homes is building a duplex in an in-fill lot in south Grand Island. Murray Custom Homes received a $500,000 loan at 0% interest for 18-months. These funds were loaned April 22, 2022 and due October 2023 or when the home sells, whichever happens first.

Estimated Completion: Fall 2023

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    “Grand Island provided us the ability to build and maintain professional careers, while still being present in our children's lives. That's the 'better opportunity' we found here.”
    Lynda ConnerGrand Island Business Owner
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