Hendrix Genetics Opening Ceremony at PVIP-E

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Hendrix Genetics will celebrate the opening of its new hatchery operation serving 10% of the US market in Grand Island on Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at 11 a.m., located at 2325 West Schimmer Drive. The ceremony will be held in the southwest corner of its $18.5 million facility, spanning twenty acres in the north-east section of Grand Island’sPlatte Valley Industrial Park-East (PVIP-E). Hendrix Genetics, with representatives from Europe and North America, will be in attendance.

Due to the nature of Hendrix Genetics’ business, this will be the only time the community and media will be allowed to tour the Hendrix facility.

Dave Taylor, President of the Grand Island Area Economic Development Corporation states, “The project’s multi-million dollar investment and the addition of 43 jobs will dramatically change the landscape of our industrial park and community. In addition to the main hatchery in Grand Island, 11 outlying barns to support the facility are planned for development within 100 miles of Grand Island, with 8 already in progress or complete. Adding to the economic impact for central Nebraska as a whole.”

Serve Hermans, Managing Director for Layers states, “We are so pleased to be opening our state-of-the-art layer hatchery in Grand Island, Nebraska. The city offered a number of benefits for our operations including proximity to our customers and feed sources, strong partnership with local representatives, and community incentives. The opening is just the next step in building a long and positive relationship with the Grand Island people and establishing our production hub here in Nebraska to serve the US market with high quality products.”



About the Layer Business Unit of Hendrix Genetics

Hendrix Genetics is a privately-held, international multi-species breeding company with activities in layer, turkey, swine, traditional poultry and aquaculture breeding. The layer Business Unit of Hendrix Genetics breeds pure line layers in seven R&D centers, located in Canada, France, and the Netherlands, and produces parent stock of day-old chicks in five main production centers, located in Canada, Brazil, Netherlands, France, and Indonesia. Hendrix Genetics is headquartered in Boxmeer, the Netherlands.