The Real Value of $100

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The map above shows the real value of $100 in each state. You probably know that the cost of just about everything fluctuates depending on which state you're in, but did you know that the Bureau of Economic Analysis tracks these cost differences and that the real purchasing power of the dollar currently varies by 36 percent?

For 2 years, this agency has measured price fluctuations across states based on 'Regional Price Parities' which include personal income, the price of domestic goods, and the Consumer Price Index.

Generally, the price of goods and services directly correlate to personal income. For instance, in places with higher incomes (ex: Silicon Valley), the price of finite resources (ex: land) get driven up. The reverse can also be true; places that experience higher prices often have employers who pay more in an effort to attract quality employees.

So what is $100 in Nebraska worth? The answer is complicated and includes many variables based on where in Nebraska you are, but generally speaking, with $100, you would be able to buy the equivalent of $110.38 worth of goods based on the national average.



Source: Tax Foundation, Bureau of Economic Analysis.