NE has Lowest Unemployment Rate in the Nation

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In February of this year, Nebraska surpassed North Dakota as the state with the lowest unemployment rate in the country, and it still holds that title. At 2.5%, Nebraska's unemployment rate is well below second-place North Dakota (2.9%) and the national average (5.3%).

There are many factors that contribute to this, including the state's diverse economy and high-quality labor force. While many states suffered through the Great Recession, Nebraska fared well due in part to having many business sectors beyond agriculture and manufacturing. This variety meant that if some industries struggled, others could still do well and even expand to create more job opportunities. And the number of new jobs is growing. In February of this year, there were 11,000 more jobs in the state than there were in February of the previous year. Most of these jobs are in education, health care, and hospitality, thus concentrated in larger metro areas like Grand Island.

The quality of Nebraska's workforce is likely the second biggest reason for the state doing so well. Currently, Nebraska ranks second in the nation for high school graduations (88.5%), according to the Department of Education. This, too, is well above the new national average of 81%. In Grand Island, we are lucky enough to have programs such as Career Pathways Institute, Leadership Tomorrow, and Youth Leadership Tomorrow to further guide our young professionals and set them up for a successful future.