Virtual Tours of Nebraska Industries

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The Nebraska Departments of Education, Economic Development and Labor have created a series of videos that provide a virtual tour of some of Nebraska's key employers with a special focus on high skill, high wage, high growth occupations. The videos, accessible at www.necareertours.com, are aimed at engaging youth while informing them of the skills and education needed to prosper in these careers in the Nebraska economy.

These virtual industry tours provide a unique opportunity for students, parents and job-seekers to experience Nebraska-based industries without leaving the home or classroom. The videos showcase different businesses and industries in each of the represented in the Career Education model whose growth translates to employment opportunities for both the current and future workforce. The video tours include employees and managers discussing work environment, salary, education requirements and career advancement opportunities.

Virtual tours have now been completed for the following clusters and businesses:


Currently under development in 2015 are videos focusing on Finance/Insurance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Education/Training with more to follow in 2016.

The videos are available online at www.NEcareertours.com and are being used by schools across the state. To support teachers in counsellors in most effectively using the videos, the Nebraska Department of Education has developed a curriculum surrounding each of the industries to help students connect what they learn in the classroom with future job prospects.

"The virtual industry tours are a great asset to help school counselors and teachers introduce Nebraska employers to students," said Richard Katt, State Director of Nebraska Career Education. "These videos provide an accurate picture of today's workplace, breaking down stereotypes while emphasizing the knowledge and skills required for success."


Gregg Christensen, Nebraska Department of Education

Richard Katt, Nebraska Department of Education

Carol Ringenberg, Nebraska Department of Education